Ludwig Mündlein


1951 born in Sommerhausen / Lower Franconia, Germany


woodturner since 1992
own gallery since 1998

Courses and Workshops

Hollow Forms Melvin Firmager Somerset, England
Alfred Baumann master woodturner, Germany


1995 Vernou sur Brenne, France
1995 - 1997 Gallery "Kon.cept", Sommerhausen
1998 permanent exhibition in "Galerie am Maintor", Sommerhausen

Working with wood as material means to me the fascination by a creative pursuit, the possibility of working out new and old forms of confined dimensions, natural realities and structures.

When shaping my objects, I draw inspiration from the wood itself, its texture and the variety of shapes in early civilizations. Thus, vessels with rugged shapes and natural-edge bowls are created, and objects in relation to archaic Greek and Cetic forms.

After having concentrated in the beginning on local woods, in particular fruit trees, the range of woods I am now working with comprises species from all continents.